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Who is Giacomo Fiume?

Giacomo Fiume is an Apulian bartender born in Castellana Grotte on March 14, 1992 and residing in Monopoli, a town of about 60,000 people in the province of Bari, he became passionate about this profession at the age of 10, when he saw for the first time his cousin jousting with bottles behind a counter and making a show, he decided at that moment that this was the job he wanted to do in his life and future career!

He chooses to attend the hotel school to lay good foundations in the world of bars and restaurants, sixteen years ago his first season in Riccione as an assistant cook, where he learns to cook, immediately after he decides to do other seasons in different locations Italy as Bartender and bar manager to follow, but over time he feels the need to do something more, and encouraged by a friend he decided to open his own Instangram page called the world of distillery, where he would have shared his Cocktails but above all he would make himself known! And so it was, currently Giacomo Fiume with the world of distillery has more than 85,000 followers and has a nice curriculum behind him and several collaborations with major brands and national interviews, from the press to vanityfair!

What is the world of distillery?

The project

The name says it all, the world of spirits! The world of distillery was born to give voice to all the emerging or already known spirits, but also to make known the cocktailsbars, drinks and bartenders from all over the world, started all from a game, now become a real brand, with great collaborations to the shoulders and projects are getting bigger and growing!

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